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22 kwi 2020, 14:52


I am not good enough in Polish language to read this message, founded at the back of a letter wrote to my grand mother, during war.
Would it be possible to get a transcription, please?

Thank you very much for your help;

take care;


MH :)

Re: Letter

22 kwi 2020, 15:21

It's a love letter :) There are some orthographic errors.
Here is a literal translation into English (I hope it will be enough or do you want a German one as well?):

[..]llstein, 31.10.1940

Dear Helcia [a diminutive of "Helena"],
I am asking you why aren't you giving any information about yourself? Has the love faded already or you have another one, because that's the only way I can explain it to myself. Or maybe somebody wrote you something, some bullshit. I love only once frankly and openly and only once I can get failed/disappointed. Today the sun may shine for you and tomorrow maybe it will shine for me. If you ever be in a difficult moment of your life, [...] (think? know?) that there used to be somebody who loved you.

Re: Letter

22 kwi 2020, 23:01

Hi Elliza; thank you very much for that translation! It's too cute ! I totally ignored that love story betwin my grand mother and the called Edward (from Wolsztyn) :oops:
I wish he met somebody else and make a good life with her :)

Re: Letter

23 kwi 2020, 10:21

Hi, there is another card I never could read. Is it possibe to translate the text for me ?
Thank you for help :)


M H :)

Re: Letter

16 cze 2020, 10:59

Is the calligraphy so desastrous that no one can read it ? :lol:

Re: Letter

16 cze 2020, 13:48

Fragment jeziora wolsztyńskiego.
Wspomnij Helcio przyjaźń minionych lat.

??? 9.VI.1943 ?
Niezapomnianej Helci w Lübecku
zasyłam moc najserdeczniejszych
życzeń w dzień Zielonych Świąt.
Załączam też życzenia serdeczne
dla Eli.

Żegnając, całuję Cię ???


Re: Letter

18 cze 2020, 22:55

Thanks :)