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1867 Military Service

04 paź 2021, 18:15

Dear All

If the place of living is Siekierki Wielkie , near Kostrzyn Wielkopolski, "Kreis Schroda"

who know the process for military selection in Prussian time ? I guess first step would be when the Army and Authorities says you are good or not good for Service.

Where could it be ? Schroda ? then next question where to search in record ?

thanks, regards

looking for military service of August Kasperek (1846 1911) was in Siekierki Wielkie in 1867 1870 ...

Re: 1867 Military Service

04 lis 2021, 04:31

Dear Mr.Kasperski.
Please look at such link regarding Schroda's District in Prussia.And compare this with the today's Polish map of the Siekierki's by Kostrzyn Wlkp.
also available on-line.Once "Siekierki Wlkp."written to Google.Maybe this may be yet the previous Schroda's District?

Re: 1867 Military Service

06 lis 2021, 18:59


what was the exact name of those registers we can eventuel find info ?


Re: 1867 Military Service

28 mar 2022, 22:40

Siekierki Wielkie= Gross Siekierki
Ortschafts Verzeichiss 1890

Infanterie Brigade nr 20
Bezirks Kommando Schroda
Meldeamt Kostschin