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Fragen und Diskussionen auf Deutsch - English postings

13 paź 2010, 18:58

Liebe deutschprechende Gaeste,
Dear English-speaking guests,

Wir haben unser WTG-Forum ein bisschen umgebaut.
After a short period of disorientation (Aller Anfang ist schwer) it has been decided to create a separate category of postings where requests and discussions in languages other than Polish are welcome. Volunteers among our Polish users will be authorized to add translations to your postings so that they are understandible for those of us who are not fluent in foreign languages. This will increase the chances that someone knowledgeable will find an answer for you.

You can access the "international" section from the main forum page - just click on "Discussions in English, Deutsch, Français etc." to enter it - and here you can create new threads or participate in those already present there. On the main WTG website, your postings will be marked with yellow color and a "globe" icon. We hope that this new structuring will allow all of us to communicate efficiently. Just as a reminder, our forum focuses on the region of Greater Poland, as a rule of thumb anywhere in the 150 km or 100 miles radius around Poznan City. Postings concerning other areas of Poland (or anywhere else) are likely not to get attention so we recommend not to submit them to our forum - thank you for your understanding.

This also means that the "Fragen und Diskussionen" thread is no more treated as an only destination for German postings. Dies war also nur ein provisorischer Ersatz :)

Lukasz Bielecki