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Nr domu

12 cze 2019, 13:21


I found in the archives of Bnin/Kornik that people's house was recorded under a number (please see the example in the image of the link bellow).

I wonder if it's possible to find the current adress of the houses from the number they had in these documents.

I would indeed be very happy to discover (if still exist) the house of my ancestors :)

Thank you very much for your help!


Re: Nr domu

24 lip 2019, 11:34

No idea?
Do you think there is an Office that would know? If so, what is it?

Re: Nr domu

30 sie 2019, 18:58

Hello Marja Helena,

It seems, that today Bnin is a part of Kórnik.

If I were you, I would ask their Library:

Good luck!

Re: Nr domu

17 wrz 2019, 10:52

Thank you for your idea; I would send them a message :)